Fazyvo Free WordPress Theme

  • Template Name: Fazyvo Free Wordpress Themes
  • Designed: noonnoo
  • Type: Clean, Simple
  • Color Scheme: Blue, Customs
  • Column/Layout: 2 columns
  • Sidebar: Right Sidebar
  • Width: Fixed Width
  • Widget Ready: includes a useful set of custom widgets
  • W3C Validation: Valid CSS
  • Other: Custom Header, Options Page, Rounded Corner
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Fazyvo Free WordPress Theme

Fazyvo WordPress Theme

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Fazyvo is a clean WordPress theme which has many special features: 1. You can choose between different (blue, red, green and grey) headerbackgroundimages. 2 You can give the links and titles other colours. 3. “Edit This” links are in the same style as the WordPress adminarea. 4. There are many other options (set a welcome message or footertext) you can find on the Fazyvo Options page. 5. WordPress 2.6 (also tested in 2.8!). 6. Fazyvo is compatible with Internet Explorer 6 , Mozilla Firefox 2 , Safari 3 , Opera 9 and of course Chrome. Please go to the Theme Page if you want to say thank (I’d really appreciate that!), if you want customazations or want to see screenshots of it. ||||| CHANGELOG: -

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