Mnml Galleria Free WordPress Theme

  • Template Name: Mnml Galleria Free Wordpress Themes
  • Designed: Justin Marcus
  • Type: Clean, CMS, Photo, Simple
  • Color Scheme: Yellow
  • Column/Layout: 1 column
  • Width: Fixed Width
  • Other: Gravatar Ready, Square Corner
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Mnml Galleria Siiimple Free WordPress Theme

Mnml Galleria WordPress Theme

Mnml Galleria  Siiimple Free WordPress Theme1 Mnml Galleria  Siiimple Free WordPress Theme2 Mnml Galleria  Siiimple Free WordPress Theme3 Mnml Galleria  Siiimple Free WordPress Theme4 Mnml Galleria  Siiimple Free WordPress Theme5 Mnml Galleria  Siiimple Free WordPress Theme6

Mnml Galleria is a theme designed specifically for bloggers who want to showcase their photography in an elegant manner.
The theme has a simple look, allowing you to focus on your photographs. Take a look at the theme features, which have been listed below.

Support: Basic support will be provided by the designer.

Installation: The theme works right out of the box and includes everything you need to begin blogging.

Additional Features:

  • Built upon a powerful theme from a popular theme designer.
  • Multiple layout/theme options for various sizes of images.
  • Multiple color schemes included.
  • IMages automatically resize when integrated into the theme.
  • Custom write panel for you to link a source of an image directly from the write panel in the back-end.
  • Twitter integration.
  • Mootools Slider that slides open to reveal the sidebar, which is widget-ready.
  • Custom breadcrumbs built into the theme.
  • Custom browser-specific detection.
  • Easy FeedBurner URL integration.
  • Custom 404 page can be altered and updated in the widget area.

Mnml Galleria是一款比较奇特的图片WordPress主题,作为展示照片的博客使用该款主题是挺合适的。使用该款主题如何展示图片?发表日志时请在自定义字段的选择框中选择“thumb”自定义字段名称,然后在 “Value”值中填入你所上传的图像的网址。


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