Potrika Free WordPress Theme

  • Template Name: Potrika Free Wordpress Themes
  • Designed: shahin
  • Type: Clean, CMS, Magazine
  • Color Scheme: Blue, White
  • Column/Layout: 2 columns
  • Sidebar: Right Sidebar
  • Width: Fixed Width
  • Widget Ready: includes a useful set of custom widgets
  • Other: AdSense Ready, Options Page, Square Corner
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Potrika Free WordPress Theme

Potrika WordPress Theme

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Potrika is a Magazine Style mixed column free wordpress theme featuring a great combination of usability and outlook. The theme is 100% widget, adsense, feedburner ready, features a editable .PSD logo and works with all major web browsers.

1. Installing the ThemeAfter downloading the zipped file, unzip it and put the “potrika” folder under your wp-content/themes directory. Now open up the plugins folder and copy everything you see there to the plugins folder of your wordpress installation and activate them right after.

2. Configuring the pluginsEven though there are three plugins included in the package, you will only need to configure the Popular posts plugin. Once you have activated all the plugins I included, go to settings drop down menu and open up the Wordpress Popular Posts plugin configuration page and put in 9 in the Number of Posts field.

3. Editing the logoGo the the folder named “PSD” in the theme folder (/potrika/PSD) and open up the file you see there in Photoshop CS2 or Photoshop CS3. Select the Text Tool from the Photoshop toolbar, click on the text, delete it and put in what ever you want to put in. Once you have done that, save it in .JPG format with the name “logo”, upload it to the “potrika/images” folder, and it’s done!

4. Setting up the Adsense units
Unit #1: To setup the main banner ad at the top, beside the logo, open up headbanner.php and replace everything with your own 468X60 banner code.

Unit #2: To setup the third 336×280 adsense unit on the sidebar, open up ss_ad2.php and replace the texts with your 336X280 ad codes, I recommend using image-only ads for better conversion.

5. Setting up the Feedburner FeedcounterI’ve setup a built-in control panel for this, as a test. Once you have setup all the options mentioned above, go to your themes control page from WP dashboard and activate Potrika theme, now from the Appearance drop-down menu, select Potrika Options, let it load itself and you’ll know what to do.

6. Setting up the post thumbnailNothing complicated, when ever you write a post, scroll down the page and you’ll find a section called Custom Field as shown in the image below. Click on the Enter New link you see there, put the word articleimg in the Name field and the URL to your image in the Value field and then click on the button that says Add Custom Field. You won’t have to do it over and over whenever you write a new post, after the first time, the articleimg field will show up automatically, all you have to do is put in the image URL and click on the Add Custom Field button. I recommend you use a 230by 147px image every time you write a post to ensure the featured content gallery is shown properly.





3。编辑logoGo的文件夹名为“私营部门”的主题文件夹(/ potrika / PSD)和打开文件可以看到在Photoshop CS2或那里的Photoshop CS3。选择从Photoshop的工具栏文字工具,在文字点击,删除它,把你想要什么都把一旦你这样做,节省英寸JPG格式的名称是“标识”,上传到“potrika /图片”文件夹,它的完成了!


单位#2:要设置侧边栏上的第三个336 × 280 AdSense单元,开放ss_ad2.php和替换为您的336X280的广告代码的文本,我建议使用图像更好的转换只广告。


6。成立后thumbnailNothing复杂,何时能够和您撰写文章,向下滚动页面,你会发现一个名为自定义字段,如下图所示。在输入新的链接,您看到有按一下,把这个词在名称字段articleimg和在值字段URL到您的图像,然后按一下按钮,指出添加自定义字段。你不必做一遍,只要你写了一个新的职位后,首次articleimg字段将自动显示出来,你所要做的就是在图片网址和自定义字段添加按钮将。我建议你使用230by 147px形象每次您撰写文章,以确保特色内容画廊正常显示。

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