Massive News Premium WordPress Theme

  • Template Name: Massive News Premium Wordpress Themes
  • Designed: press75
  • Type: CMS, Magazine, News
  • Color Scheme: White
  • Column/Layout: 3 columns
  • Sidebar: Right Sidebar
  • Width: Fixed Width
  • Widget Ready: includes a useful set of custom widgets
  • Other: AdSense Ready, Gravatar Ready, jQuery Integration, Options Page, Required Plugins, Square Corner
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Massive News Press75 Premium WordPress Theme

Massive News WordPress Theme

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The perfect solution for news, blogging, media, or whatever else you want to throw at it.

Massive News Theme Options and Widgets

The Massive News theme options page includes configuration and management for several key display and content customization tasks. Easily add your own logo, manage featured content settings and advertisements, or change theme styles without touching a singe theme file. The Massive News theme also includes 5 new and exclusive widgets which allow you to customize your sidebars however you want. The Simple Sidebar Ads widget provides options for adding and managing 125×125 advertisements within your sidebar. The Featured Content widget allows you to display featured content (posts) within the sidebar with numerous different configuration options. There is are also Relates Post, Popular Content and Comments widgets that are all included with the theme. Watch a short video below to see these options and widgets in action.

Post Thumbnails and Videos in a Matter of Seconds

With the all new Massive News theme, getting thumbnail images and videos posted to your WordPress powered website is easier than ever. The days of resizing images, copying embed code and adding custom fields are over with the brand new Press75 Simple Post Thumbnails and Simple Video Embedder WordPress plugins included with the theme.

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Massive News主题选项和部件

Massive News主题选项页包含几个主要的配置显示器和内容定制的任务和管理。方便地添加自己的徽标,管理功能不动烧灼主题文件的内容设置和广告,或更改主题样式。该Massive News主题还包括5个新的,排他的小装置,允许您自定义工具条不过你想要的。简单栏广告部件提供了添加和管理125A条,在您的补充工具栏125的广告选项。在精选内容widget允许您显示功能的内容(职位)在与众多不同的配置选项栏。也有涉及邮政,热门内容和意见工具中所有的主题中。看一个短片,看看下面这些选项,并在行动部件。


与所有新Massive News主题,得到缩略图图像和视频张贴到您的WordPress的网站是比以往更容易。图像的大小天,嵌入代码复制并添加自定义字段超过了全新的Press75.com简单邮政缩略图和简单的视频嵌WordPress的插件,主题包括在内。

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