WP Slider Premium WordPress Theme

  • Template Name: WP Slider Premium Wordpress Themes
  • Designed: Greg Johnson
  • Type: CMS, Corporate, Personality, Web 2.0
  • Color Scheme: Black, Gray
  • Column/Layout: 1 column
  • Width: Fixed Width
  • Widget Ready: includes a useful set of custom widgets
  • W3C Validation: Valid CSS
  • Other: Gravatar Ready, jQuery Integration, Options Page, Plugins Provided, Rounded Corner, Threaded Comments Ready, Valid XHTML
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WP Slider BustATheme Premium WordPress Theme

WP Slider WordPress Theme

WP Slider BustATheme Premium WordPress Theme1 WP Slider BustATheme Premium WordPress Theme2 WP Slider BustATheme Premium WordPress Theme3 WP Slider BustATheme Premium WordPress Theme4 WP Slider BustATheme Premium WordPress Theme5 WP Slider BustATheme Premium WordPress Theme6

WP Slider takes the idea behind the coda themes and improves upon them in every way using the hundreds of user feedback comments. The biggest change is that WP SLIDER can display any type of wordpress content, in any way you want using the included plugin. Every aspect and element of WP SLIDER can be customized or turned off. Gone are the days of having to open a theme file to make changes. Of course, the html and css are as easy to read and customize as ever — WP SLIDER is just more accessible. In fact, you can disable the sliding feature altogether if you like.

WP Slider Theme FEATURES
WordPress 2.5.x, 2.7.x, 2.8.x+ & 2.9.x+ Compatible
• 3 Fully widgetized sidebars shown side-by-side in the footer

Premium Forum Access & Support Included
• Get help and direct support from the theme creator
• Talk with other Premium Theme Owners and get peer input
• Get updates as they come for free, for life
• Get support and help on any of the free themes we offer as well!

Fully Compatable with:
• FireFox 2 & 3
• Internet Explorer 6, 7 & 8
• Safari 2+
• Opera 9+
• iPhone

Built-in Customization plugin included:
• Fully customizable index
• Fully customizable menu, search bar, archives tab & more (choose which features you want to display and how to use them)
• Show posts, pages, attachments, archives, customized index & more
• Show FeedBurner subscribers or number of registered users
• Fully customizable login, registration and lost password page built in
• Configurable archive, archive links, contact link and redirecting login link
• Enhanced comments & comment reply including wordpress avatar support
• Enhanced jQuery gallery plugin can be turned on or off.
• Custom gallery page for standard gallery included.

WP Slider主题是一款灰黑色的WP收费主题,WP Slider继承了CODA BLUE的很多特色,而且在功能上做的更好。这里主要表现在对发布文章内容格式的支持。作者本人自己也没有避讳,CODA BLUE在发布内容方面有问题,各方面限制较多,所以在开始发布的时候作者也就把这主题定义为图片网站的主题。

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