ClassiPress Premium WordPress Theme

  • Template Name: ClassiPress Premium Wordpress Themes
  • Designed: WP Glamour
  • Type: Web 2.0
  • Color Scheme: Customs
  • Column/Layout: 1 column, 2 columns
  • Sidebar: Right Sidebar
  • Width: Fixed Width
  • Widget Ready: includes a useful set of custom widgets
  • Other: AdSense Ready, jQuery Integration, Options Page, Square Corner
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ClassiPress Premium WordPress Theme

ClassiPress WordPress Theme

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ClassiPress is the first and only premium WordPress theme designed to easily turn your Web site into a classified ads system. Our feature-rich theme was built for ease of use and tight integration with WordPress so you’ll be online and selling classified ads on your site within minutes.

no plugins necessary, it works straight from the box – paypal integration. you can ask for a fee for each ad that gets submitted – image upload directly from the form – image manager for uploaded images in the admin panel – contact form to message the person who added the ad – rss displays the latest ads – subcategories for the main menu – login box in header for easier access if you want only registered people to be able to post – navigation arrows in the footer so you can see older ads – notification email to the admin when a new ad is entered – notification email to the admin when a new payment has been made – widgetized sidebar so you can add ads from the admin panel – allow people posting a classified ad the ability to input text (other than numbers) in the area reserved for for price (with words such as “neg” “negotiable” or “free”, etc) – Allow people to flag posts if there is inappropriate data or spamming – auto prune feature for posts older than X days (the number if days can be set from the admin panel) – ClassiPress option page is not at the top level in the admin panel so it is easier to get to it.

2.9.2 fixes: -centered modal form message when registration is required (removed width: 960px; from master.css line 120) -fixed another continue button bug on step 1 of modal form. (process_form_ajax.php multiple lines starting at 19) -fixed total live ad counter on dashboard page (tpl-dashboard.php multiple lines 67 thru 97) -fixed spelling error on ad form page (highlighed to highlighted) -rolled back modal form to slider form -added * next to required fields on ad edit page. Removed mandatory check for phone & moved location field up (tpl-edit-ad.php) -fixed other ads listed by author section so it shows all live ads by author (author.php) -added localization tag around “Categories” sidebar text (tpl-edit-ad.php) -tightened up children sidebar li elements. Padded top/bottom to space out more. (master.css lines 93 and added line 107 & 141) -fixed form so field values aren’t reset if error is shown. (post-form.php) -included currency symbol on paypal confirmation total. (post-form.php line 67) -aligned sidebar lines under h2 text instead of above. Affects all .css files. changes: -changed .classform and added .adfields to css. Moved field width to html instead of within .css -added “x” to close error box and #closelink elements. (post-form.php line 10 & master.css ) -updated bundled plugins to the latest versions -dynamically create and find WP upload folder for image uploads (form_process.php line 80ish). -create friendly image names when uploaded with post. Now uses part of ad title for increased SEO. (New function in functions.php lines 38-41 & form_process line 83ish)

WP Glamour的一个wordpress商业主题,从在线demo上可以看出这个模板可以做出一些比较特别的基于wordpress的站点(嘿嘿),自带了文章投递系统

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